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AE960 Series



AE960 series Energy Saving Outdoor LED screen


Designed for High Brightness Outdoor Visual Solutions

The AE960 series common cathode LED display redefines outdoor advertising with its exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and versatility. This display boasts an IP66 waterproof rating, seamless splicing capabilities, and a unique energy-saving design, a high-precision aluminum profile cabinet, full-sealed design, making it ideal for outdoor display applications.

  • All aluminum profile cabinet, 960mm×960mm standard Size, 
  • Support 480mm×320mm big LED module size.
  • Dual maintenance with front and rear access for efficient assembly and disassembly.
  • Cable-slot design for hidden power and signal cables.
  • Safe chain design, better protection for LED modules and cabinets.
  • Supports the right angle and arc splicing, perfectly for 3D screens.
  • Common cathode design, low heat and energy conservation, and reduced cost. 
  • SMD 3in1 full-color LED encapsulation.
  • A fanless cooling system will isolate dust and dirt and extend the lifespan of the electronic components inside.
  • Ultralight with 28kg, portable design for ease of transportation.
  • High brightness with over 5000cd, good heat dissipation.
  • IP66 protection level, dust-proof, explosion-proof, and anti-fog.
  • Seamless splicing, better flatness.
  • P5.71/P6.67/P8/P10 available.
Energy Saving Outdoor fixed installation LED display

Better Visual Effect

With SMD 3in1 full-color LED encapsulation, high refresh rate and high-brightness LED technology, the AE960 series delivers clear, vibrant visuals that captivate audiences.

better display effect of common cathodel led screen


LED Modules


Contrast Ratio


Refresh Rate



All Aluminum Profile

Higher structural strength, higher flatness, strongly dissipate heat, corrosion resistance, long service life.

Aluminum material cabinet and module of outdoor enery saving led sign

Stadard Cabinet Size

The Standard LED display cabinet size with 960mm×960mm, the thickness is only 75mm.

cabinet size of aluminum bottom shell energy saving led display

LED Cabinet

AE960 coupled with fashionable design elements, seamlessly integrates LED modules, power boxes, located beams, safety ropes, and cable slots, enhancing the overall functionality and visual display.

cabinet structure of Energy Saving Outdoor LED display

Dual Service Front Rear Design

Modules and power boxes support both front and rear maintenance, simplify assembly and disassembly processes, maximize efficiency, and reduce downtime.

dual service design of aluminum bottom shell led display

Cable-less Deisgn

By connecting power and signal lines through reserved holes on the bottom of the cabinet, cable management becomes simplified and maintenance is streamlined.

cable slot of aluminum bottom shell led display

Aluminum Shell Module

Support for large LED module sizes of 480mm×320mm, the AE960 series delivers stable displays with higher flatness compared to smaller modules. The fully sealed design protects internal components, ensuring longevity and reliability.

aluminum bottom shell LED module

Anti-hanging Chain Design

The addition of a safety rope ensures enhanced protection for LED modules and cabinets, minimizing the risk of damage or injury during disassembly.

Anti-hanging Chain Design

Right Angle Splicing

 Supports both right-angle and arc splicing, enabling seamless integration and creative visual effects. This flexibility allows for the creation of captivating 3D visual displays, maximizing creative marketing potential and audience engagement.

right angle installation of aluminum bottom shell energy saving led screen

Energy Conservation

Featuring a common cathode design, the AE960 series reduces heat generation and energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs and environmental impact. The overall energy saving is 30%.

energy saving design of aluminum bottom shell led screen

Ultra Weight and Thin

Ultra lightweight at just 28kg, facilitating easy transportation and installation. allowing for seamless deployment in various outdoor settings.

ultraweight aluminum bottom shell energy saving led screen

IP66 Waterproof

The AE960 series features an IP66 waterproof design, making it resistant to dust, explosions, and fog. This level of protection ensures reliable performance in various weather conditions, including typhoons, storms, high humidity, and extreme temperatures.

IP66 waterproof aluminum bottom shell energy saving led screen

Seamless Splicing Cabinet

High-precision design to offer seamlessly merges individual panels, ensuring uninterrupted visual continuity without distracting gaps.

Seamless splicing aluminum bottom shell energy saving led screen

Large Viewing

Provides an expansive viewing experience with a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 160°, ensuring excellent visibility from various vantage points.

large viewing angle aluminum bottom shell energy saving led screen


Product ModelAE960
MaterialDie-cast Aluminum
Maintenance WayFront and Rear Dual Service
Pixel Pitch
  • 6.67mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
Pixel Resolution
  • 72×48 (P6.67)
  • 60×40 (P8)
  • 48×32 (P10)
Module Dimension
  • 480x320mm (P6.67)
  • 480x320mm (P8)
  • 480x320mm (P10)
LED specification
  • SMD2727 (P6.67)
  • SMD3535 (P8)
  • SMD1515 (P10)
Scan Rate
  • 1/6 (P6.67)
  • 1/5 (P8)
  • 1/2 (P10)
Hor. viewing angle140°
Vert. viewing angle140°
Best View Distance6m – 100m
Grey Level≥14 bits
Brightness5500 – 6500 cd/㎡
Brightness Adjustment100-grade auto/manual-adjustment
Brightness Uniformity>99%
Input Voltage (AC)DC5V
Avg Power Consumption100~180W/m²
Max Power Consumption≤500W/m²
Operation Power Voltage100-240V / 50-60Hz
Control SystemDVI card + Full-color control card
Control ModeSynchronous & asynchronous available
Support InputVGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.
Communication OptionsWire Ethernet, Fiber Ethernet, RF wireless, GPRS
Frame Frequency>60 Hz
Refresh Frequency≥3,840
Color Temperature3500-9500 adjustable
Control DistanceEthernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Working Environment Outdoor
Lifetime >=100000 hours
Blind Spot Rate <0.00001
Working Temp (-20)-(+60) Celsius degree
Working Humidity 10%-90%
Waterproof Rating (Front/Rear) IP66
Package TypeCarton/Wooden case/Flight case
Warranty2 years

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