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Colorlight S6F LED Display Sender

Colorlight S6F LED Display Controller

Colorlight S6F Controller is an exceptional LED display sender that combines powerful video signal receiving capacity with a host of advanced features. Its seamless connectivity, impressive loading capacity, enhanced control options, and versatile functionality make it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

Novastar MBOX600 Industrial Controller

Novastar MBOX600 LED Controller

MBOX600 is a cutting-edge, standalone transmission solution designed for scenarios where PC control is unnecessary in LED display setups. With its robust capabilities, it revolutionizes the way LED video walls are managed and controlled.

Novastar MCTRL R5 LED Controller

Novastar MCTRL R5 LED Controller

Novastar MCTRL R5 LED Controllerfor led display. support 1x DL-DVI input, 1x HDMI 1.4 input, 1x 6G-SDI input, can handle up to 3840×1080@60Hz loading capacity and image rotation in any area at any angle

Novastar CVT10 Fiber Converter

Novastar CVT10 Fiber Converter

Novastar CVT320 EO Fiber Converter provides a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution for long-distance signal transmission in LED display systems. With its versatile functionality, intuitive connectivity options, extended transmission distance, and seamless plug-and-play operation, the CVT320 empowers you to achieve optimal performance and deliver captivating visual experiences to your audience.

Linsn TS921 LED Sending Card

Linsn TS921 LED Sender Card

Linsn TS921 LED Sending Card combines advanced features, robust performance, and easy configuration, making it an ideal solution for professional LED screen applications. Whether for large-scale video walls, digital signage, or creative displays, the TS921 delivers exceptional control and outstanding visual experiences.

Novastar MRV208-1 LED Receiver Card

Novastar MRV208-1 LED Receiver Card

Novastar MRV208-1 LED Receiver Card Supporting Mapping function, chroma calibration, quick adjustment of dark or bright lines, 3D display and 256×256@60Hz pixels. 8 standard HUB75E connectors for communication

Novastar VX4S-N LED Video Processor

Novastar VX4S-N LED Video Processor

From industry-standard connectivity to seamless image control, precise color reproduction, and immersive audio capabilities, the VX4S-N empowers you to create stunning visual presentations that captivate and engage your audience. With its advanced features and intelligent screen configuration, the VX4S-N allows you to unleash your creativity and deliver unforgettable visual experiences.

Novastar CVT4K Fiber Converter

Novastar CVT4K Fiber Converter

CVT4K is an advanced fiber converter that delivers reliable and efficient signal transmission over long distances. With its versatile models, dual-power redundancy, flexible power connector options, intuitive indicators, and enhanced control connectivity, the CVT4K provides a comprehensive solution for professionals seeking seamless and high-quality signal transmission in a wide range of applications.

Novastar VX1000 LED Video Controller

Novastar VX1000 LED video controller

From versatile connectivity options to powerful video processing capabilities, from precise color control to enhanced reliability features, the VX1000 offers a comprehensive set of tools to meet the demands of medium to high-end rental, stage control systems, and fine-pitch LED screens.

Novastar MRV560-1 LED Receiving Card

Novastar MRV560-1 LED receiving card

Novastar MRV560-1 receiving card combines advanced features, precise calibration capabilities, and comprehensive monitoring functionalities. It ensures seamless integration, exceptional image quality, and compliance with industry standards, making it an ideal choice for demanding LED display applications.

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