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FA640 Series

Indoor Front Service Fine Pixel LED Display


FA640 Series indoor front service LED display

FA640 Series

Designed for High Definition Fine Pixel Indoor LED Screen

The FA640 series is a indoor small pixel fixed installation LED display designed for a variety of indoor settings. Crafted with precision, utilizing the universally acknowledged module dimensions of 320x160mm, this series offers unparalleled flexibility. It allows for the custom-sized displays, including popular dimensions such as 640x480mm and 960x480mm, seamlessly fitting into diverse environments ranging from the meeting rooms, the television studios, the churches, the bustling hospitality of hotels, to the dynamic retail spaces in malls and the airport terminals.

Boasting an ultra-slim profile of just 44mm thickness, the FA640 indoor fine-pixel LED display exemplifies the pinnacle of lightweight, sleek aesthetics combined with unmatched ease of installation. This design philosophy extends to every component, including the innovative fast locks and magnetic modules, which significantly streamline the assembly and maintenance processes. With a focus on seamless integration, each cabinet is equipped with precise mechanisms for easy alignment and strong connectivity, ensuring that the visual display remains seamless across its extensive canvas.

With its support for varying pixel pitches, from the ultra-detailed P1.25 to the broader P4mm, the FA640 series small pitch LED screen offers creative freedom to designers and content creators, allowing them to craft visuals that not only attract attention but also leave a lasting impression.

  • Universal Module Size: Modules measure a standard 320x160mm for consistent sizing and easy customization.
  • Flexible Cabinet Dimensions: Available in 640×480×44mm, 960×480mm×44mm, 320×480mm×44mm, 320×640mm×44mm, 640×640mm×44mm, catering to various venue sizes.
  • Slim Profile: Each cabinet boasts a sleek 44mm thickness for a modern, unobtrusive appearance.
  • Lightweight Design: Cabinets are designed for easy handling and installation due to their reduced weight.
  • Fast Lock System: Simplified assembly with innovative locks that secure cabinets quickly and securely.
  • Magnetic Modules: Allows for easy maintenance with magnetically attached modules that can be removed and replaced swiftly.
  • High Refresh Rate: Ensures smooth and clear visuals, essential for high-quality video display.
  • CNC Processing: Delivers precise and seamless cabinet joins for a gap-free display surface.
  • Versatile Pixel Pitches: Range from ultra-fine P1.25 to a broader P4mm, providing options for various viewing distances.
  • SMD 3in1 Technology: Enhances color uniformity and brightness for an outstanding visual experience.
front service indoor fixed instalation LED display FA640 series


Superb Display Effect

With SMD technology, high brightness, high refresh rate 3840Hz, and high contrast ratio, the FA640 Series offers a vivid display effect and realistic color performance.

excellent display effect of front service indoor small pitch led display
Simple Cabinet Design

Designed with a high-precision die-casting aluminum cabinet, and a Simple cabinet design with fast locks, locating beams, cable holes, magnetic modules, a receiver card, and a power supply. Ease installation.

640×480mm frotn service led display cabinet
Front Service Design

Front service design for easy replacement with the adsorption magnet module. The modules can be taken out in a few seconds.

Adsorption Magnet module of frotn service led display
inner Cable Wiring

Each side of the box, including the left, right, top, and bottom edges, is thoughtfully equipped with cable holes, enabling streamlined and organized cable wiring to ensure a neat and efficient setup.

inner cable connection of front service led screen
Multiple Size Available

FA640 series indoor fixed LED Video wall offers an array of precision-crafted sizes designed to meet diverse spatial needs, all unified by a slim 44mm profile for seamless integration.

multiple sizes of front service indoor led screen
Support Mixed Installation

Small pitch indoor LED screen FA640 Series offers a mix-and-match splicing technique, allowing flexible combinations to craft a personalized visual impact.

mixed installation of front service indoor led display
Seamless Splicing

Seamless splicing cabinet with high CNC technology. Better flatness, offering a seamless display for immersive visual experiences

seamless splicing cabinet of FA series front service led screen
Lightweight Cabinet

Ultra lightweight with only 3.6kg for 640×480mm panel, 5.8 kg for 640×640mm panel. Portable transportation and easy installation.

ultra lightweight of indoor front service led display
Wide Wiewing Angle

FA640 series offers a wide viewing angle capability (160° h/V) and expansive visual coverage, ensuring optimal visibility from various vantage points.

wide viewing angle of front service indoor small pitch led display

Installation Ways

wall mount installation of front service led screen

Wall Mount Installation

hanging installation of front service led screen

Hanging Installation

Standinginstallation of front service led screen

Standing Installation


Product ModelFA640 Series
Material Die-cast Aluminum


Weight 2.2kg(320×480mm)
Maintenance Way Front Service
Flatness ≥98%
Module Dimension320(W)x160mm(H)
Pixel Pitch
  • 1.25mm
  • 1.53mm
  • 1.86mm
  • 2mm
  • 2.5mm
  • 3.076mm
  • 4mm
Pixel Resolution
  • 256×128 (P1.25)
  • 208×104 (P1.53)
  • 172×86 (P1.86)
  • 160×80 (P2)
  • 128×64 (P2.5)
  • 104×52 (P3.076)
  • 80×40 (P4)
LED specification
  • SMD1010 (P1.25)
  • SMD1010 (P1.53)
  • SMD1515 (P1.86)
  • SMD1515 (P2)
  • SMD2121 (P2.5)
  • SMD2121 (P3.076)
  • SMD2121 (P4)
Scan Rate
  • 1/32 scan (P1.25)
  • 1/26 scan (P1.53)
  • 1/43 scan (P1.86)
  • 1/40 scan (P2)
  • 1/32 scan (P2.5)
  • 1/26 scan (P3.076)
  • 1/20 scan (P4)
Hor. viewing angle140°
Vert. viewing angle140°
Best View Distance2m – 40m
Grey Level≥14 bits
Brightness800 – 1000 cd/㎡ (Indoor)
Brightness Adjustment100-grade auto/manual-adjustment
Brightness Uniformity>99%
Input Voltage (AC)DC5V
Avg Power Consumption100~180W/m²
Max Power Consumption≤500W/m²
Operation Power Voltage100-240V / 50-60Hz
Control SystemDVI card + Full-color control card
Control ModeSynchronous & asynchronous available
Support InputVGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.
Communication OptionsWire Ethernet, Fiber Ethernet, RF wireless, GPRS
Frame Frequency>60 Hz
Refresh Frequency1,920/3,840
Color Temperature3500-9500 adjustable
Control DistanceEthernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Working EnvironmentOutdoor/Indoor
Lifetime>=100000 hours
Blind Spot Rate<0.00001
Working Temp(-20)-(+60) Celsius degree
Working Humidity10%-90%
Waterproof Rating (Front/Rear)IP31
Package TypeWooden case/Flight case
Warranty2 years


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