HUIDU HDPlayer Download

Download the latest HUIDU HDPlayer LED display Software free, and other older versions are also available for you to choose from.
HUIDU HDPlayer Download

Download the latest HUIDU HDPlayer LED screen control software for the HUIDU Asynchronous or Synchronous LED display control system, full color or single color LED Control card.



HDPlayer is LED software that can allow the user to control the HUIDU LED controller. It offers a simple and friendly interface to help you edit programs and configure a wide range of parameters such as brightness, play mode, and lots more. One of the advantages of HDPlayer is that it can handle asynchronous LED controllers easily. So, if your LED displays are managed by asynchronous mode, this is one of the tools to consider, especially since it comes with a lot of abundance of functionality.

Here is the list of the latest HDplayer versions for you to download easily. You can also browse and download previous versions for setting your LED display as you want. Any version of HDPlayer listed here is completely virus-free and free to download without charge.

Latest Version

Other Releases

If you are looking for other HUIDU LED applications, please go to here: HUIDU Software Download.

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