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Download the latest HUIDU HDSet LED display Software free, and other older versions are also available for you to choose from.
HUIDU HDSet Download



HDSet is an LED debugging software designed for HUIDU Synchronous and asynchronous full-color LED control systems such as HD-C36, HD-C36C, HD-C16, HD-C16C, sending card T901, video processor HD-VP1620, HD-VP820, HD-VP620, HD-VP1640, HD-VP830, HD-VP410A, etc.

HDSet is an easy-to-use and time-saver control software that provides simple ways for configuring HUIDU LED controllers. It helps to set the sending card parameter setting, connection setting, and receiving card parameter setting. In addition, you can use it to configure the smart setting easily if necessary. Moreover, it provides additional functions such as firmware updating, screen testing, point-by-point correction, and lots more. In Short, HDSet is very simple and lightweight to control HUIDU LED display control systems.

Here you will find all the versions of HDSet available on our website published so far. You can download it for free at no extra cost.

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