LED Display for Theatre

The LED display for theatre is an LED video wall that enhances stage backgrounds, dynamic content, and storytelling in theatres. With its high-definition display capabilities, it brings clarity and visual impact to performances, offering immersive experiences for the audience. 

The theatre LED display stands out for its user-friendly features, including easy installation and flexible splicing, allowing for seamless integration into theatrical settings. Its high refresh rate ensures a flicker-free viewing experience. With high greyscale capabilities and high-quality LED driver IC, the theatre LED screen delivers smooth visuals, offering a stunning visual experience.

theatre LED display


RA Series

The RA series is an ultra-light rental LED screen with excellent performance for rental events.

RB Series

The RB series is the ultra-thin your visuals are craving for. 

RC Series

The RC series is a perfect, comfortable screen that offers the performance in the rental stage.

The RS0D1 series is a highly economical LED screen with excellent visual output,

High-end curved rental LED screen with curved lock, fast locks for arc screen.

RS-C2 curved rental LED screen supports curved installation, front service, and right-angle splicing.


RA Series

RB Series

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