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P1.86 indoor LED display module


High Definition Indoor LED Screen Solutions

The indoor P1.86 LED module is an LED display panel designed for small-pixel LED video walls which is mostly used in indoor environments. Crafted with a  PCB board, numerous constant current driver ICs, thousands of luminous LEDs, and a host of essential electronic elements, the P1.86 LED panel redefines the realm of visual prowess, delivering captivating full-color outputs that beckon a new era of display brilliance. It is widely used for TV studios, monitoring rooms, conference rooms, UHD LED video walls, rental LED screens, and more where HD effect is needed.

At the heart of the P1.86 LED module’s prowess lies its exceptional pixel pitch of 1.86mm, which ushers in a new era of precision and clarity. Every inch of the 320mm (W) x 160mm (H) panel dimensions plays host to a pixel resolution of 172×86 dots, choreographing an intricate dance of 1R1G1B pixel configuration. This symmetrical arrangement, fortified by SMD 3in1 LED specifications, crafts a canvas where every hue, every gradient, and every shade is etched with unparalleled accuracy. The result? A visual symphony that harmonizes seamlessly, no matter the viewing distance or angle.

The P1.86 LED panel represents a paradigm shift in visual display technology, setting new standards for exceptional image quality, precision, and versatility. Designed to captivate even the most discerning audience, this cutting-edge module seamlessly integrates an array of advanced features, from its mesmerizing full-color palette to its innovative black LED and high-density pixel matrix. With a keen focus on delivering an immersive visual experience, the P1.86 LED module effortlessly marries form and function, making it the ultimate choice for dynamic indoor display applications.

  • Resolution: 14,792dots with 176×86 grid matrix.
  • 1.86mm pixel pitch for better visual performance with good Clarity.
  • Dimensions: 320mm x 160mm / 12.6” x 6.3”.
  • Best for indoor, 160-degree visibility.
  • 5V regulated power input.
  • 1R1G1B full-color LED screen panel.
  • Constant current 1/43 scan.
  • 600-1,000 nits brightness.
  • Highly stable driver ICs for better color uniformity and vibrant images
  • Designed with the latest SMD 1R1G1B encapsulation, offering excellent full color present.
  • High contrast ratio of 5000:1 to deliver vibrant colors.
  • High refresh rate with over 3840Hz to allow flicker-free
Indoor P1.86 LED display module

Better Visual Effect

The P1.86 indoor LED display panel features a high refresh rate, high viewing angle, and industry-leading LED technology,  enabling it to offer excellent quality output and make it ideal for making high-definition LED video walls.

better display effect of common cathodel led screen

3 IN 1



Contrast Ratio


Refresh Rate



Key Features

LED module pixel pitch

Pixel Pitch

Experience visuals with unparalleled clarity as the P1.86 LED module's compact 1.86mm pixel pitch unveils intricate details, setting a new standard for precision in display technology.
LED module refresh rate

Refresh Rate

Immerse yourself in seamless visual journeys asthe high refresh rates, reaching up to 3840Hz, ensure captivating and lifelike motion displays, all while maintaining a flicker-free performance
LED module resolution


Step into a realm of visual precision as the impressive pixel resolution of 172x86 dots creates a canvas where every detail is brought to life with extraordinary clarity and depth.
LED module brightness


Illuminate indoor environments with the adaptable brightness, ranging from 600 to 800 cd/㎡, ensuring captivating displays that effortlessly meet diverse ambient lighting requirements.

SMD Encapsulation

Through advanced SMD 3-in-1 encapsulation, the module integrates RGB elements, ensuring a unified brilliance that remains unwavering across every pixel, enriching your visual experience with enduring vibrancy.
LED module driver IC

Driver IC

Designed by cutting-edge driver ICs such as MBI5124, ICN2053, ICN2038S, and FM6153, ensuring seamless synchronization and intricate color control for a display experience
Black Frame Mast LED module

Full Black Techology

Enhance contrast and reduce glare with the full black mask and matte-finish PCB frame. It delivers soft gradients and caters to low-brightness, high-refresh demands, ensuring an uncompromised visual experience.

Wide Viewing

Experience stunning visuals from any perspective with the expansive horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 160°, ensuring an immersive display that captivates audiences no matter where they stand.
LED module contrast ratio

High Contrast

Elevate your investment with the P1.86 LED screen board, boasting a lifespan exceeding 100,000 hours, ensuring long-lasting brilliance that withstands the test of time for sustained visual impact.

HD Visual Performance

Small pixel distance with only 1.86mm. Lower pixel pitch means higher LED density, higher resolution, and sharper output.

P1.86 indoor LED display panel

Designed with the latest SMD technology,  together with black LED, the P1.86 offers uniformity color and HD visual effect.

SMD full color P1.86 indoor LED display board

High-density bright LEDs (with 14,792 dots per panel) boast a perfect color output, offering a better visual effects with full-color RGB present.

P1.86 SMD1515 LED display module

Carefully selected LED drivers s allow P1.86 LED panel to deliver high refresh rates over 3840Hz, resulting in flicker-free operation in module applications.

P1.86 SMD1515 indoor LED screen board


LED display module power cables

Power Cable

Standard 4Pin Power Cables are included to connect the module and power supply.

LED display module flat cables

Data Flat Cable

Industry Standardized 16Pin LED Display flat data cable (signal cable) will be offered for free to save cost.

LED display module screws


Strong and durable fixing screws such as M3, M4 for installing indoor LED display module


Product ModelP1.86mm-Indoor
Pixel Pitch1.86mm
Panel Dimension320(W)x160mm(H)
Pixel Resolution172×86 dot
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
LED specificationSMD 3in1
Scan RateConstant current 1/43
Hor. viewing angle160°
Vert. viewing angle160°
Best View Distance2m – 20m
Grey Level14 bits
Brightness600 – 1000 cd/㎡
Brightness Adjustment100-grade auto/manual-adjustment
Brightness Uniformity>99%
Input Voltage (AC) DC5V
Avg Power Consumption 250 W/m²
Max Power Consumption 580 W/m²
Operation Power Voltage 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Control System DVI card + Full color control card
Control Mode Synchronous & asynchronous available
Support Input VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.
Communication Options Wire Ethernet, Fiber Ethernet,RF wireless, GPRS
Frame Frequency >60 Hz
Refresh Frequency >600 Hz(adjustable)
Color Temperature 3500-9500 adjustable
Control Distance Ethernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Lifetime>=100000 hours
Blind Spot Rate<0.00001
Working Temp(-20)-(+60) Celsius degree
Working Humidity10%-90%
Waterproof Rating (Front/Rear)IP65/IP54
Package TypeCarton/Wooden case/Flight case
Warranty2 years

Common Questions

Two sizes 320*160mm. 

The esolution is 172*86 dot, a total of 14,792 dot pixels.

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