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P3.076 indoor LED display module


High Definition Indoor LED Screen Solutions

P3.076 indoor LED display module, an high-end display panel designed to elevate indoor visual communication. This module boasts a meticulously engineered pixel pitch of 3.076mm, seamlessly merging into a pixel resolution of 104×52 dots, ensuring a profound visual impact even when observed at close proximity. This module boasts a standard size of 320mm in width and 160mm in height, making it an ideal choice for a multitude of indoor locations, ranging from elegant banquet halls and bustling conference rooms to captivating cinema LED displays and dynamic exhibition halls.

The indoor P3.076 LED module represents a pinnacle of indoor display technology, seamlessly merging innovation and performance. With a meticulous small-pixel pitch, it crafts visuals with remarkable finesse, rendering intricate details with utmost precision. Bolstered by a high refresh rate of 1920Hz to 3840Hz, it orchestrates flawlessly fluid imagery, while its low-scale brightness ensures seamless visibility across diverse indoor lighting scenarios. Encompassing horizontal and vertical viewing angles, it envelops audiences in an immersive visual panorama. The module’s 14-bit grey level and a commanding contrast ratio of 5000:1 orchestrate a symphony of hues and tones, endowing every display with depth, vibrancy, and impeccable luminosity.

The P3.076 is a cost-effective indoor module that rivals even the P2.5 LED module in performance. With a similar panel size, it integrates LEDs almost on par with the equivalent P2.5 indoor LED panel. Moreover, boasting a pixel density of 8192 dots, the P3.076 outshines the popular P5 indoor LED module.

Adhering to a standardized screw-hole design and modular concept, the P3.076 allows seamless horizontal and vertical tiling to form larger LED video walls. With its exceptional color rendition and resilience to varying viewing distances, the P3.076 finds its grandeur in numerous indoor applications. Whether you’re seeking a video advertising LED wall for a shopping mall or a high-definition dynamic LED display for a control room, the P3.076 could very well be your choice.

  • Resolution: 8,192 dots with 104×52 pixel matrix.
  • 3.076mm pixel pitch for better visual performance with good Clarity
  • Dimensions: 320mm x 160mm / 12.6” x 6.3”
  • Best for indoor, 160-degree visibility
  • 5V regulated power input
  • 1R1G1B full-color LED screen panel
  • Constant current 1/26
  • 600-1,000 nits brightness.
  • Highly stable driver ICs for better color uniformity and vibrant images
  • Designed with the latest SMD 1R1G1B encapsulation, offering excellent full color present.
  • High contrast ratio of 5000:1 to deliver vibrant colors.
  • High refresh rate with over 1920hz to 3840Hz to allow flicker-free
104×52 P3.076 indoor LED display module

Key Features

Embark on a comprehensive journey through the intricate facets that constitute the essence of the P3.076 LED panel.

LED module pixel pitch

Pixel Pitch

With a pixel pitch of 3.076mm, providing an optimal balance between resolution and visual impact. This precision in pixel spacing ensures a captivating and detailed display experience.
LED module refresh rate

Refresh Rate

Elevated refresh rates (Over 1920hz or 3840Hz) define the P3.076 LED module, ensuring a stable, flicker-free display with impeccable clarity and smoothness.
LED module resolution


With its high-density design (104x52, totaling 8,192 dots), the P3.076 LED module boasts a greater LED concentration, resulting in an exceptionally natural and intricate display.
LED module brightness


Designed to cater to indoor low-brightness requirements with its range of 600 to 800 cd. Not only enhances viewing comfort but also ensures eye protection by maintaining subdued lighting levels.

SMD Encapsulation

Boasting advanced SMD2121 encapsulation, featuring a configuration of 1 red, 1 green, and 1 blue LED within each pixel (1R1G1B) to enhances color consistency.
LED module driver IC

Driver IC

Using top-tier constant current driver ICs from renowned manufacturers, including options like MBI5153, ICN2038S, or FM6153, which ensure stable LED drive and eliminate flicker problems forever.
Black Frame Mast LED module

Full Black Techology

The utilization of black LEDs, along with a black PCB frame and mask, effectively reduces light reflection, resulting in enhanced contrast and color consistency.

Wide Viewing

With a wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 160°, ensuring captivating content is seamlessly visible from diverse positions, captivating audiences with consistent brilliance.
LED module contrast ratio

High Contrast

Boasting a high contrast ratio of 5000:1, the P3.076 LED module delivers vibrant colors, enhanced image clarity, and strong contrast between light and dark elements

Better Visual Effect

The P3.076 indoor LED display panel features a high refresh rate, high viewing angle, and industry-leading LED technology,  enabling it to offer excellent quality output and make it ideal for making high-definition LED video walls.

better display effect of common cathodel led screen

3 IN 1



Contrast Ratio


Refresh Rate



HD Visual Performance

Small pixel distance with only 3.076mm. Lower pixel pitch means higher LED density, higher resolution, and sharper output.

320×160mm P3.076 indoor LED display module

SMD Techology

Employing the innovative SMD 3in1 encapsulation, each pixel is a marvel of engineering, harmoniously blending red, blue, and green LED chips to create an uninterrupted, dynamic visual canvas.

indoor P3.076 SMD2121 LED display panel

High Resolution

High-density bright LEDs (8,192 dots per panel) boast a perfect color output, offering better visual effects with full-color RGB present.

P3.076 indoor LED screen module

High Refresh Rate

Carefully selected LED drivers s allow P3.076 LED panel to deliver high refresh rates up to 3840Hz, resulting in flicker-free operation in module applications.

320×160mm P3.076 indoor LED screen module


LED display module power cables

Power Cable

Standard 4Pin Power Cables are included to connect the module and power supply.

LED display module flat cables

Data Flat Cable

Industry Standardized 16Pin LED Display flat data cable (signal cable) will be offered for free to save cost.

LED display module screws


Strong and durable fixing screws such as M3, M4 for installing indoor LED display module


Product ModelP3.076mm-Indoor
Pixel Pitch3.076mm
Panel Dimension320(W)x160mm(H)
Pixel Resolution104×52 dot
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
LED specificationSMD 3in1
Scan RateConstant current 1/26
Hor. viewing angle160°
Vert. viewing angle160°
Best View Distance3m – 30m
Grey Level14 bits
Brightness600 – 1000 cd/㎡
Brightness Adjustment100-grade auto/manual-adjustment
Brightness Uniformity>99%
Input Voltage (AC) DC5V
Avg Power Consumption 250 W/m²
Max Power Consumption 580 W/m²
Operation Power Voltage 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Control System DVI card + Full color control card
Control Mode Synchronous & asynchronous available
Support Input VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.
Communication Options Wire Ethernet, Fiber Ethernet,RF wireless, GPRS
Frame Frequency >60 Hz
Refresh Frequency >600 Hz(adjustable)
Color Temperature 3500-9500 adjustable
Control Distance Ethernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Lifetime>=100000 hours
Blind Spot Rate<0.00001
Working Temp(-20)-(+60) Celsius degree
Working Humidity10%-90%
Waterproof Rating (Front/Rear)IP65/IP54
Package TypeCarton/Wooden case/Flight case
Warranty2 years

Common Questions

The “P” intriguingly signifies the succinct embodiment of “Pixel,” while the numerical artistry of “3.076mm” discloses the precise expanse between two neighboring pixels. “P3.076” encapsulates each pixel within the measurement of 3.076mm.

The pixel resolution is 104×52 dots, which equates to a total of 8,192 pixels. This high-density resolution ensures a crisp and clear image.

The P3.076 measures 320mm(W) x 160mm(H), which is a standard size in LED display panel industry.

The brightness can reach a level of around 600 – 800 cd/m2, providing a vivid and clear display in a wide range of indoor lighting conditions.

The price ranges from 20 USD, with factors affecting the price including manufacturer, current material costs, and custom LED and driver ICs.

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