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Flexible P4mm



256×128mm P4 flexible LED screen module

Soft P4mm

High Flexibility Indoor Screen Solutions for Creative Visual

P4 flexible LED module is a soft LED display panel made of a silicone material PCB board, dozens of constant current driver ICs, thousands of luminous LEDs, and some of the essential electronic components. It has a 4mm pitch LED cluster and delivers a high resolution with 62,500 dots pixel density for high-definition visual output. In addition, this LED module is ultra flexible so that people can use it to design any shape creative LED display such as a cube LED screen, ball LED screen, cylindrical LED display, arc LED display, and lots more. 

The P4 soft LED display module is a full-color LED display module based on SMT technology encapsulation. It has an ultra-soft structure body that allows you to bend, squeeze, and twist to fit various irregular cabinet surfaces. In terms of performance, the P4 soft LED module offers 16-bit grayscale levels and standard indoor brightness ratings to satisfy various indoor viewing requirements. Additionally, the P4mm flex LED panel features two IDC connectors built into the PCB, which offer it the ability to be chained for easy connection and less cabling with one input and one output.

Moreover, the P4 soft module uses high-quality black-masked LEDs embedded in a square matrix on the front PCB. These LEDs are specially processed to minimize light reflection and thus improve the color consistency, saturation, contrast, and clarity of the LED display. Overall, this LED module is perfect for people interested in designing creative LED screens for indoor, events, stage backgrounds, cultural venues, theatres, exhibitions, and more. It can be used as a curved display with a convex or concave surface. If that’s the visual idea you’re looking for, then this is the LED screen module to get which can meet all your needs.

  • Resolution: 2,048 dots with 64×32 grid matrix; 1,800 dots with 60×30 grid matrix.
  • 4mm pixel pitch for better visual performance with good Clarity.
  • Ultra-high flexibility, idea for creative LED display
  • Dimensions: 256mm x 128mm / 10.1” x 5.0”; 240mm x 120mm / 9.44” x 4.72”.
  • Best for indoor, 160-degree visibility.
  • 5V regulated power input.
  • 1R1G1B full-color LED screen panel.
  • Constant current 1/16 scan.
  • 600-1,000 nits brightness.
  • Highly stable driver ICs for better color uniformity and vibrant images
  • Designed with the latest SMD 1R1G1B encapsulation, offering excellent full color present.
  • High contrast ratio of 5000:1 to deliver vibrant colors.
  • High refresh rate with over 3840Hz to allow flicker-free
256×128mm P4 flexible LED display module

Better Visual Effect

The P4 flexible indoor LED display panel features a high refresh rate, high viewing angle, and industry-leading LED technology,  enabling it to offer excellent quality output and make it ideal for making high-definition LED video walls.

better display effect of common cathodel led screen

3 IN 1



Contrast Ratio


Refresh Rate




Ultra Flexible

The ability of the P4mm soft LED module to provide ultra-flexibility allows users to design as many curved display solutions as they wish, and the LED module can be bent to any angle up to 90 degrees and can easily fit all curved surfaces by proper bending.

240×120mm P4 flexible LED display module

Adopts embedded strong magnets distributed around the PCB silicone board, which makes the LED module have super strong adsorption ability and not easily fall off when mountedto the iron cabinet.

256×128mm P4 Soft LED screen module

The P4mm flexible LED display matrix is designed for frontal maintenance. The LED modules can be easily and quickly taken out and disassembled from the iron frame surface in seconds with a few steps, requiring only one person to operate.

64×32 dot P4 flexible LED screen module

Small pixel distance with only 4mm. Lower pixel pitch means higher LED density, higher resolution, and sharper output.

Flexible P4 indoor LED display module

Designed with the latest SMD technology,  together with black LED, the P4 soft LED module offers uniformity color and HD visual effect.

256×128mm P4 Soft LED display panel

High-density bright LEDs (with 2,048/1,800 dots per panel) boast a perfect color output, offering better visual effects with full-color RGB present.

64×32 dot P4 flexible LED screen board

Carefully selected LED drivers s allow P4 Flexible LED panel to deliver high refresh rates over 3840Hz, resulting in flicker-free operation in module applications.

240×120mm P4 flexible LED screen module

Enhanced by full black LEDs, mask and PCB frame, the P4 diminishes light reflection, elevates contrast, and boasts exceptional grayscale versatility, perfectly tailored for low-brightness environments.

Exhibiting a grey level of 14 bits and a contrast ratio of 5000:1, the module orchestrates a visual symphony of nuanced shades and crisp contrast, adding depth and dimension to every frame.


LED display module power cables

Power Cable

Standard 4Pin Power Cables are included to connect the module and power supply.

LED display module flat cables

Data Flat Cable

Industry Standardized 16Pin LED Display flat data cable (signal cable) will be offered for free to save cost.

Magnetic screws for flexible LED module

Magnetic Screws

High-strength magnetic screws allow the flexible LED module to be tightly attached to the cabinet.


Product ModelP4mm-Flexible
Pixel Pitch4mm
Panel Dimension256(W)x128mm(H)
Pixel Resolution64×32 dot
60×30 dot
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
LED specificationSMD 3in1
Scan RateConstant current 1/16scan or 1/15scan
Hor. viewing angle160°
Vert. viewing angle160°
Best View Distance4m – 40m
Grey Level14 bits
Brightness600-1000 cd/㎡
Brightness Adjustment100-grade auto/manual-adjustment
Brightness Uniformity>99%
Input Voltage (AC) DC5V
Avg Power Consumption 250 W/m²
Max Power Consumption 580 W/m²
Operation Power Voltage 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Control System DVI card + Full color control card
Control Mode Synchronous & asynchronous available
Support Input VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.
Communication Options Wire Ethernet, Fiber Ethernet,RF wireless, GPRS
Frame Frequency >60 Hz
Refresh Frequency >600 Hz(adjustable)
Color Temperature 3500-9500 adjustable
Control Distance Ethernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Lifetime>=100000 hours
Blind Spot Rate<0.00001
Working Temp(-20)-(+60) Celsius degree
Working Humidity10%-90%
Waterproof Rating (Front/Rear)IP54
Package TypeCarton/Wooden case/Flight case
Warranty2 years

Common Questions

There are two sizes 240*120mm and  256*128mm in the market now. 

For the 240*120mm size P4,  the resolution is 60*40 dot, a total of 2,048 dot pixels. For the 256*128mm, the resolution is 64*32 pixes.

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