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P5 Indoor Fixed LED Display to Rwanda







P5 Indoor Fixed LED Display to Rwanda​

Seamless Indoor fixed Installatiion LED Displays Impress at the Kigali Rwanda

The P5 indoor LED display screen, designed and provided by Colorlit, transforms the landscape of Rwanda’s capital Kigali with its stunning visual impact. Covering an area of 49.152 square meters and comprised of 120 cabinets measuring 640x640mm each, the display stands as a monumental spectacle, towering 30 cabinets in length and 4 cabinets in height. Its vibrant colors, uniformity, and high refresh rate of 3840Hz create an immersive viewing experience, leaving a lasting impression on the people of Rwanda’s capital.

The P5 indoor LED display boasts a myriad of features that elevate its performance. With 320x160mm LED modules, the cabinet showcases a sleek and fashionable design, enhanced by fast locks, handle, cable holes, and located beams for easy installation and maintenance. Its ultra-lightweight construction, weighing only 7.5kg per cabinet, ensures effortless transportation and portability. Supporting full frontal maintenance and magnetic suction installation, the display offers convenience and flexibility, while its wide viewing angle of 160° (V/H) ensures optimal visibility from various vantage points.

P5 Indoor Fixed LED screen to Rwanda​

About Kigali

Kigali,Rwanda’s capital city,  serves as a bustling hub of cultural diversity and economic activity. Known for its vibrant energy and forward-thinking initiatives, the city is a melting pot of innovation and progress. As the heart of Rwanda’s economic and political landscape, the capital embodies the nation’s spirit of resilience and growth, attracting visitors and investors from around the globe.

The installation of the P5 indoor LED display promises to yield significant benefits for the city and its residents. Beyond its visual allure, the display serves as a dynamic communication tool, providing opportunities for advertising, information dissemination, and community engagement. By enhancing the city’s aesthetic appeal and technological infrastructure, the LED display contributes to its reputation as a modern and forward-looking metropolis, driving tourism, commerce, and civic pride.

P5 Indoor Fixed front service LED screen to Rwanda​

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