Stage LED Display Screen

The stage LED display offer high resolution and vibrant color reproduction, ensuring that every performance, presentation, or event is visually captivating. Whether used for concerts, theater productions, or corporate events, stage LED video walls can create immersive backdrops that enhance the overall atmosphere and storytelling.

The LED screen for stage background features a lightweight design that makes it easy to install and rearrange, allowing for creative and flexible stage setups. With the ability to display custom graphics, videos, images, and animations, these LED displays provide endless possibilities for creating memorable and engaging stage environments.. various pixel pitches including p1.25, p2, p2.5, p2.976, p3.91, p4.81, etc. 

Stage LED Display


RA Series

The RA series is an ultra-light rental LED screen with excellent performance for rental events.

RB Series

The RB series is the ultra-thin your visuals are craving for. 

RC Series

The RC series is a perfect, comfortable screen that offers the performance in the rental stage.

The RS0D1 series is a highly economical LED screen with excellent visual output,

High-end curved rental LED screen with curved lock, fast locks for arc screen.

RS-C2 curved rental LED screen supports curved installation, front service, and right-angle splicing.


RA Series

RB Series

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